Welcome to Stackit

Investing and wealth management is not as straightforward as it should be in the age of digitalization, automation, and decentralization.
  • Many DeFi and TradFi products are too complex for retail investors
  • They lack investment objectives and risk management options
  • Wealth management services are generally exclusive to wealthy clients
  • So-far there is no community-centric automated wealth management solution
  • Traditionally subject to enormous fees and a high barrier of entry
  • Outdated technologies and UI design
The Solution - Stackit is introducing the first Automated Wealth Management (“AWM”) platform to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) allowing users to passively or actively manage their wealth in a simple, safe and hassle-free way. A next-gen wealth management platform with built-in connectivity to decentralized exchanges, yield farms, automated trading and investment strategies, including dashboard analytics and portfolio management.

Product Offerings

"I’m definitely going to buy the bottom and sell the top next cycle" - Everyone in 2022
We all hope we're going to get it right, next time.
Now you don't have to worry about buying too high or selling too low with our easy to use DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) Protocol!
Its proven to be the safest and most methodical way to tackle the hyper volatile crypto space and many who have been discipled enough to do it themselves were rewarded heavily. While many centralized exchanges offer this service already it is almost non-existent in the DeFi space.
What makes us unique is that while your deposited funds are waiting to be deployed, they sit comfortably in a stablecoin vault accruing additional interest.
For those with a higher appetite for risk, we will be offering advanced trading strategies including Delta Neutral strategies, MACD crosses, Bollinger Bands and Liquidation strategies, to name a few.
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